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    Columbia Horse Center, Inc.
     10400 Gorman Rd.
     Laurel, MD 20723


         * Pony Pal: 5 - 7
         * Children: 8 - 16
         * Adult: 17 - up
         * Homeschool

Group Packages
Semi-Private  Packages
Private Packages

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Try our
Introductory Lesson

Every Saturday
1:00 PM
$20.00 per person

Receive a $20 voucher toward lessons.

Show up by 12:45.
Ages 5 years old & up.
Limited space available.
Limit 2 riders per family/group.



- Barn will be closed if Howard County has an emergency plan in effect. NOT just when schools are closed.

- The web-site, Facebook, & Twitter  will always be updated for closings. You can also call the barn at 301-776-5850.

- CHC has a very liberal make-up policy. There are several make-up lessons to add in to. All make-ups should be completed before the expiration date.

- The office must be notified by 3:00 on the same day during the weekdays and by 8:00 AM on the weekends. Riders will forfeit their lesson if the barn is not notified prior to the lesson. Thank you.

- Working students and staff, be sure to dress warm with lots of layers, gloves and hats.

Camps at Columbia Horse Center

Columbia Horse Center offers a variety of camps for all ages. Our camps are designed to give our students horsemanship skills that they would not normally learn in a regular lesson plan and have fun at the same time. Students will be given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on daily barn activities as well as routine horse care.

Day At The Barn ***DATES UPDATED FOR 2015/16 SCHOOL YEAR***
Students from ages 5 thru 15 attend our "1-day" camps and ride 2 times a day as well as help with barn duties such as: feeding, turnout, treatments, and grooming. The "one-day" camps coincide with the Howard County School System & are subject to change. Open to CHC Students as well as non-students.

09/14/15, Monday
     09/23/15, Wednesday
     10/02/15, Friday
     10/16/15, Friday
     11/25/15, Wednesday
     01/18/16, Monday
     02/05/16, Friday
     02/08/16, Monday
     02/15/16, Monday
     04/26/16, Tuesday
     05/20/16, Friday

Times: 9:00 - 4:00

Cost: $95.00
Before and after care available for $30.00, hours: 8:00 - 6:00
Registration Form

Winter Break & Spring Break Camps

Our Students ranging in ages 5 thru 15 can attend our "1-week" camps offered during the Winter and Spring Breaks of the Howard County School System. Students ride 2 times a day as well as help with barn duties such as: feeding, turnout, treatments, and grooming. Informational lectures are also included: show prep, cleaning tack, horse care, and many more.
Open to CHC Students as well as non-students.

Winter Break Camp
Dates: 12/26/14, 12/29/14, 12/30/14, 12/31/14, 1/2/15
Cost: $475.00 w/ Before & After Care available for $125.00
Open for single day registration starting 12/10/14. Cost $100.00 per day, $30.00 for Before & After Care.

Hours: 9:00 - 4:00, Before & After Care 8:00 - 6:00

Spring Break Camp
Dates: Monday, 3/30/15 - Friday, 4/3/15
Cost: $475.00 with Before & After Care available for $125.00
Open for single day registrations starting
3/16/15. Cost $100.00 per day, $30.00 for Before & After Care.
Hours: 9:00 - 4:00, Before & After Care 8:00 - 6:00
Registration Form       

Horsemanship Summer Camp FILLED FOR 2015

Students ages 8 thru 15 are introduced to the world of horses through a series of twice daily riding lessons, plus hands-on workshops, trail rides, game days on horseback, drill teams, crafts and games and an educational series of lectures designed to teach them everything from the history of the horse to proper first aid, tacking and grooming. Our days are filled with fun. Open to CHC Students as well as non-students.  ***UPDATE*** Due to Howard County Schools getting out 6/19/15, we are now offering 2 one-week sessions only for 6/15 - 6/19 and 6/22 -6/26 at $430.00 each. All other sessions are $860 for 2 weeks each.

Pony Pal Summer Camp

Students ages 5 thru 7 are introduced to a world of horses through riding lessons as well as games on horseback, western riding, bareback riding, trail rides, and a mock show. The day is filled with activities such as crafts and related arts. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, and safe. Open to CHC Students as well as non-students.

Columbia Horse Center strives to offer not only a great lesson program, but an opportunity for our students to enhance their horsemanship skills. Through our camps, our students will be educated on the many facets of proper horse care as well as what goes into running a lesson facility. We welcome all of our students to further their knowledge in the horse world.

8/11/14 - Horsemanship Session 5
7/28/14 - Horsemanship Session 4
7/14/14 - Horsemanship Session 3
6/30/14 - Horsemanship Session 2
6/16/14 - Horsemanship Session 1

8/12/13 - Horsemanship Session 5
7/29/13 - Horsemanship Session 4
7/15/13 - Horsemanship Session 3
7/01/13 - Horsemanship Session 2
6/17/13 - Horsemanship Session 1
8/11/14 - Pony Pal Session 9
8/04/14 - Pony Pal Session 8
7/28/14 - Pony Pal Session 7
7/21/14 - Pony Pal Session 6
7/14/14 - Pony Pal Session 5
7/07/14 - Pony Pal Session 4
6/30/14 - Pony Pal Session 3
6/23/14 - Pony Pal Session 2
6/16/14 - Pony Pal Session 1

Thinking about riding lessons for a gift?

Columbia Horse Center

Call 301-776-5850



Looking forward to seeing
all the competitors!

2015 / 2016

Four 8-week Sessions
Lecture + Riding
Ages 5 thru 15

More Information

One-Day Camps

Ride 2x day.
Lectures and crafts.
Play with the ponies.

$95.00 per day
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MON - 09/14/15
WED - 09/23/15
FRI - 10/02/15
FRI - 10/16/15
WED - 11/25/15
MON - 01/18/16
FRI - 02/05/16
MON - 02/08/16
MON - 02/15/16
TUES - 04/26/16
FRI - 05/20/16

Open to ages 5 - 15.
Students and non-students.
Must have boots, helmet, and lunch.
Call the barn to register.



Come try out our
$20.00 per person
Receive a $20 voucher toward lessons.

1:00 PM

Arrive by 12:45.
Minimum age is 5 years old.
Limit 2 riders per family/group.