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    Columbia Horse Center, Inc.
     10400 Gorman Rd.
     Laurel, MD 20723


         * Pony Pal: 5 - 7
         * Children: 8 - 16
         * Adult: 17 - up
         * Homeschool

Group Packages
Semi-Private  Packages
Private Packages

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Try our
Introductory Lesson

Every Saturday
1:00 PM
$20.00 per person

Receive a $20 voucher toward lessons.

Show up by 12:45.
Ages 5 years old & up.
Limited space available.
Limit 2 riders per family/group.



- Barn will be closed if Howard County has an emergency plan in effect. NOT just when schools are closed.

- The web-site, Facebook, & Twitter  will always be updated for closings. You can also call the barn at 301-776-5850.

- CHC has a very liberal make-up policy. There are several make-up lessons to add in to. All make-ups should be completed before the expiration date.

- The office must be notified by 3:00 on the same day during the weekdays and by 8:00 AM on the weekends. Riders will forfeit their lesson if the barn is not notified prior to the lesson. Thank you.

- Working students and staff, be sure to dress warm with lots of layers, gloves and hats.

Columbia Horse Center offers riding lessons for children and adults, ages 5 to 105.  Our instructors have all been through our own In-House Instructor School, as well as have training from various other prestigious equestrian facilities. Lessons are separated by age and ability. Riders are placed into beginner, Intermediate, and advanced classes based on their age and goals.

Pony Pal Lessons
Ages 5 to 7 years old. The lessons are more game oriented with lots of laughter while still teaching basic horsemanship skills. Parents are included in the lessons as they assist their child by leading the horse/pony to insure maximum safety until such time as the child is ready to manage the horse/pony by themselves. Our goal is to keep it safe, and fun while still educating the children about horseback riding.


Children Group Lessons
Group lessons are split by level of rider and range in age from 8 to 16. Rides are taught in a positive, creative  and motivating enviroment that challenges them to achieve their goals all while having a great experience and maintaining a safe ride. 


Adult Lessons
Adults are taught in a more relaxed enviroment with a sense of humor while focusing more emphasis on the mechanics. We understand that most adults are riding as a form of exercise and recreation and haven't been in a saddle in a long time, if at all. It's time to be a kid at heart.


Homeschool Lessons
Columbia Horse Center  offers 8-week riding sessions for children that are taught at home. This is scheduled during the weekdays while school is in session. Riders of all levels and ages 5-18 are eligible to sign up. For more information:
Click Here

Make-Up Policy update: Columbia Horse Center has a very liberal make-up policy. The group packages are 13 weeks and riders can make up any missed lessons during that time. The office must be notified by 3:00 PM on the same day during the week and 8:00 AM on the weekends. Riders will forfeit their lesson if the barn is not notified prior to the lesson. This Policy goes in effect September 9, 2013. 


Meet some of our fabulous Instructors: Click Here

Meet some of our loyal school horses: Click Here

The lesson program is perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a trailride from time to time, to a rider who is ready to compete in the show ring. Riders of all ages can achieve their goals with the reassurance that they are being taught by experienced instructors and on the best school horses in the area. Columbia Horse Center prides itself on the diversity of our lesson program

Group lessons are held Monday through Friday from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Group lessons consist of an average of 6-8 students. 
As of October 1, 2014, prices are as follows:

Weekly group lessons:
$593.00 per 13 week quarter
     *Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code
     *1 hour at the same time each week

Semi-Private Lessons:
$305.00 for 4 lesson package

     *Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code
     *1 hour at the same time each week

Private Lessons:
$95.00 per 45 minute session
$360.00 for 4 lesson package
$265.00 for 4 lesson package during weekday, daytime hours
     *Discount for Columbia residents with Columbia zip code
     *45 minutes at the same time each week

Home School Lessons:
$255.00 for 8 week session

We offer a Introductory Lesson every Saturday at 1:00 PM.  $20.00 per person. A $20.00 voucher will be given that can be used toward lessons or camp. This lesson is designed to show people not familiar with our facility what a riding lesson is like, as well as the opportunity to hear about our philosophy in teaching, meet some of our instructors and horses, and to see the barns.  Riders ages 5 to 105 and of all abilities are welcome to come. Remember to wear closed toe shoes and pants for your safety and comfort.

Come any Saturday before 12:45 PM.  
Limit 2 riders per family or group.

Thinking about riding lessons for a gift?

Columbia Horse Center

Call 301-776-5850



Looking forward to seeing
all the competitors!

2015 / 2016

Four 8-week Sessions
Lecture + Riding
Ages 5 thru 15

More Information

One-Day Camps

Ride 2x day.
Lectures and crafts.
Play with the ponies.

$95.00 per day
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MON - 09/14/15
WED - 09/23/15
FRI - 10/02/15
FRI - 10/16/15
WED - 11/25/15
MON - 01/18/16
FRI - 02/05/16
MON - 02/08/16
MON - 02/15/16
TUES - 04/26/16
FRI - 05/20/16

Open to ages 5 - 15.
Students and non-students.
Must have boots, helmet, and lunch.
Call the barn to register.



Come try out our
$20.00 per person
Receive a $20 voucher toward lessons.

1:00 PM

Arrive by 12:45.
Minimum age is 5 years old.
Limit 2 riders per family/group.