Columbia Horse Center

10400 Gorman Road | Laurel | MD 20723

Mon - Fri • 9:00 - 9:00
Sat - Sun • 9:00 - 6:00 

A fun and relaxed place to learn how to ride horses.

Barn Closing at 12:30 on Tuesday, July 4th.
No evening lessons.

Stop wishing, start doing!

Pony Pal | Children | Adult
Beginner - Advanced
Ages 5 - 95 

Group | Semi-Private | Private
Daytime | Night | Weekend
Home School Sessions 


Professional and caring staff.
Well trained school horses.
Clean and organized facilities.
Conveniently located near
Routes 95, 29, and 32. 

Saturdays at 1:00

Want to try us out before signing up for lessons or camp?




Arrive by 12:45. Limited space.

No more then two per
family or group.
Minimum age of 5 to ride.

Receive $20 voucher toward lessons.

Come play with the ponies!

Summer | Winter | Spring
Day At the Barn

Open to ages 5-15.
All level of riders.


Ride two times a day.
Horse related lectures. 

Hours 9:00 - 4:00
Before & after care available.

Time to ride and socialize!

Want more riding time?
Want to go to more horse events?


For a quarterly fee,
you can join Equi-Lease!


Lots of time in the saddle and several social events to attend!

Limited and unlimited packages.


Join us for a fun day of showing!

Looking for fun and low-key shows to take your horse or rider to?

Our shows are inviting and a great atmosphere for competitors just starting out and veterans looking to school their horses.

Our experienced staff is helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Happy horse, happy rider.

Picking the right place to board your horse can be a tough.

Assuring their happiness and well being are important.

We understand that horses are our best friend, our pet, and our partner in crime. 

Their care means the world to us and it is our mission to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

• Experienced  & friendly staff
• Feed, hay, and water
• Stall cleaning
• 12 x 12 stalls
• Turn out

All boarders are required to take lessons.

Columbia Horse Center has been around for many generations. We always enjoy seeing mom's come down the driveway with their daughters, telling them stories of when they rode with us as a kid. Being part of the community is important to us and knowing that we offer a safe and fun place for the next generation to learn how to ride horses is very rewarding. Getting positive feedback from our students reminds us that we are on the right path and continuing to make dreams come true. We are thankful to all of our students over the years and can't wait to teach the grandchildren of our original students. We are honored for being a staple of the Columbia area over the years.

Thank you to everyone that took the time out of their busy schedules to write and let us know how much you enjoyed riding with us.


  • • Friendly people and friendlier horses. A wonderful place to come for lessons or just to spend some time with some of our equine friends. Come visit a horse's world and enjoy the peace and serenity that comes with that. It's also a whole lot of fun!
    Robert - 3/29/17 (Facebook)

    • I am honored to have known CHC for most of my life, and spent numerous years teaching there. You will not find a better place full of outstanding people and instructors. Not only will you gain an excellent foundation in balance seat riding, but you will make lifelong friends in a family atmosphere. I am fortunate enough to now live near Wellington, FL and the prestigious Winter Equestrian Festival where I see riders who could learn a thing or two from the CHC trainers. 
    Tiffany - 2/19/17 (Facebook)

• The teachers and lessons are amazing. The horses are sweet tempered and the people are very nice. It's very roomy for horse boarding and it's a lot of fun and I know lots of people that love it. I hope you have fun and love it! :D
Clary - 1/17 (Google)

• My daughter and I had an amazing time here yesterday and can't wait to go back!!!
Kopaki, 11/13/16 (Facebook)

• My girls have been riding here for about a month now. We love the option for homeschool lessons and the staff has been incredibly friendly. The facilities are clean and organized and the school horses are very mild tempered. We are so happy here and I highly recommend to new and more experienced riders alike.
Anne - 11/16 (Google)

• My daughter finished her second year of a summer camp session here. She loved every day. The counselors were great and they always put on a cookout after the last day's performance.
Mia - 9/10/16 (Yelp)

• Good barn to take a lesson at and the horses are super cute and friendly too!
Megan - 9/1/16 (Facebook)

• Everyone is so kind. We have been riding here for years and will continue to do so.
Jesse - 6/16 (Google)

• Great lesson for first time riders. The instructors were very helpful and the horses were all very calm. Affordable as well.
Mike - 3/16 (Google)

• I have been riding here for 3 years now and I love it! Over those few years I have had a few different instructors and increased my riding from once a week to 4 times a week. (two lessons and 2 solo rides with the lease program). There is a wide variety of instructors and horses, and they've helped me improve my riding a ton. I haven't gone to any shows off property (so far just the in-house and on property schooling shows for me), but they do have show teams that trailer to shows and have special lessons together. They also have a lot of events for the kids and older riders to meet up and socialize. There is a Halloween Party (with a pretty extensive haunted house), a Christmas Party (Santa and Mrs. Claus in on horseback), a Beach Party and few others. The lease program also goes on trips together, recently to Gettysburg for a guided trail through the battlefield. I couldn't be happier with my choice of barns! It was originally a choice made because of the barn's proximity to my house, but I've grown to enjoy spending a large chunk of my free time there.
Liz - 1/6/16 (Yelp)

• LOVE IT!!!...6 years strong! Found my best 'Bubba' (Denver) here... going nowhere!
Angel - 12/30/15 (Facebook)

• My daughter Sara had an introductory lesson today and she was terrified once she was up on the horse. ALL of the staff members were simply amazing with her. They were kind and patient. Eventually she became less afraid and now she is asking when can we go back! Thank you so much for helping her overcome her fears. Grace Pisciotta Morris - 10/10/15

  • • We did an introductory lesson with a Girl Scout troop and it was FABULOUS!!  The lesson was very long and the girls with out with the horses practically the entire time.  The observing parents and all the girls who participated were very impressed.  The instructor was very informative and kept a group of thirteen girls, age 7, interested and alert the whole time.  The first question from one of the girls was, "when do we come back?"  ALL of the thirteen horses looked to be in stellar physical condition.  The girls were all beginners and had no problems riding any of the horses.  I highly recommend their introductory lesson - SOOoooo.. worth it!  They even give you a coupon for future lessons.  We are starting a 2-week camp tomorrow and we are very excited!  I'll review again after the camp!
  • Mia, Odenton - 8/9/15 (Yelp)

• My daughter attends Pony Pals classes (she's 7) and some of the camps. This is a wonderful place. Great instructors and horses.
Brenda - 3/17/14 (Yelp)

  • • Very happy with this barn and lesson program! CHC is professional and has a very friendly atmosphere. Catherine is our instructor and she's fantastic. :-)

Laura - 2/2014

• So glad Howard County has managed to hold on to this icon. Great for families to have this fantastic facility available to them!
Stephanie Dayton Neely - 1/2014

• I have been riding at Columbia Horse Center for about a year and a half and I absolutely adore it! Started riding as an adult with no previous experience - they work with all ages and all skill levels. I have a great instructor and I love the horses here. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, I know when I leave CHC I will be in a good one. CHC has a great community feel - the facility is very nice, large and clean. The horses are well taken care of and in good hands. The staff is always friendly and helpful. So glad to have the barn so close to home! I highly recommend CHC if (or your kids) are interested in learning more about horses and riding.
Jackie Bach - 7/2013

• CHC is a great place to learn how to ride. They have a wide range of different horses too which is nice.
Alyssa - 10/2012

• We have love everything about CHC for the last few years since we started riding here. It has a great staff and awesome horses.
Cathy - 7/2012

• A Very well run business
Joyce - 7/2012

• I started here with taking a summer camp when I was 9 and ended up really liking it. Took two years of lessons and showed in dozens of schooling shows. I loved the instructors and horses. Several years later, I now ride upper level dressage in national shows and am riding under an internationally known judge. I can't help but say CHC helped get me to where I am today :)
Google User - 3/2012

• The CHC has been a terrific introduction to riding for our 7 year old daughter. She was in mourning when camp ended and is soon to go back for winter camp.
Larcia - 2011

• It's the best farm in Laurel!
Luiz - 2011

• My daughter took lessons here for three years and loved it. Now, our foreign exchange student does and also found a great teacher that is helping her improve her skills. Wonderful variety of horses to fit the needs of the students. People are also very nice and accommodating.
Google User - 2011

Testimonials of Columbia Horse Center

Thank you to all of our student's over the years.
Making dreams come true.

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