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Monday, September 7th: Barn Closed, No Lessons
In Celebration of Labor Day, thank you.



Hello everyone,

We understand that this past week has probably been difficult for most of you. Knowing what the next step is can be confusing and frustrating. In a perfect world, we would continue to keep the family together and continue lessons. Unfortunately, that is not in the cards for us. 

The good thing is we do have two other barns for you to look at. Each barn is unique and has a lot to offer. Many of our school horses will be going to these two barns along with most of our staff, whether on a part-time or full-time basis. You will see a lot of familiar faces.

To give everyone an opportunity to see what these barns are about, they will be having a meet-and-greet day.

Woodland Horse Center: Saturday, September 5th, 3:00 - 5:00
Reddemeade Horse Center: Monday, September 7th, 11:00 - 2:00

Please, come out and see what they are about. Get a tour and talk with the staff. It is important to us to that you have options to continue your riding experience.

Thank you, Columbia Horse Center


We are deeply sorry to announce that we will not be renewing the Horse Center lease with Columbia Association.

We could not agree on the terms of the lease. The best they would offer was a 120-day lease. Which means at any given point for any given reason, or no reason, they could give us 120-day notice to exit. Any smart person would understand that we cannot run a business on these terms. We were also going to have to downsize to 50 horses max on the property. Which would mean downsize our lesson program and terminate the boarding program.

We realize that this is not great news for you or us, but on the bright side we do have two other farms that follow the CHC plan of a fun family atmosphere. Many of our Instructors and school horses will be absorbed to these other farms, Woodland Horse Center and Reddemeade Farm. Both farms will be available to arrange a meet and greet session, so you are able to take a look for yourself to see if it is a right fit for you riding lessons. 

We do not know who is taking over the lease or if anyone is taking over the lease. If we hear anything, we will certainly keep you updated. 

The operations of our lesson program will end on November 29th. We hope you continue with us for the duration of our lease, as many of you have been clients for a very long time. We will be pro rating our lesson packages as we go on. Please make sure you get all your make ups in on time, so you don't lose the lessons. 

Thank you for understanding and for you years of support. We have always considered everyone family and hope to spend the next few months reminiscing of all the great times we have had over the years! What a great 20 years!

Columbia Horse Center

6/2/20 - Summer Camp Update

This summer is unique in its challenges for the kids and the activities that they participate in. Many of the camps in the area have canceled or gone virtual. Fortunately for us, we are an outdoor camp and have been given approval to continue with our program.

Registration is currently open for Horsemanship sessions 2, 3, and 4. Session 5 is already filled. We also are taking registrations for all sessions in Pony Pals starting with session 3. If you are interested in having your child participate, we would recommend signing up soon. Because of the new guidelines, we are limiting the number of children allowed to enroll and the spots are filling quickly.

There will also be some changes to how we do camp such as not having the use of our lounge and pony pal gazebos. All activities will need to be outside. All campers will also be required to have their temperature taken daily when 1st coming down the driveway. We will also not be able to hold graduation like we have in the past. All these changes are in accordance with CDC guidelines and are for the safety and well-being of your child and our staff. We appreciate your understanding.

If you are interested in having you child participate, Please mail a deposit check with your registration to 10400 Gorman Rd, Laurel, MD 20723. We will hold onto the checks until the week before the session your child is signed up. If you would rather pay with credit card, we could destroy the check and take the credit card info. Just notate if on the registration form.

If you have made a camp deposit and are unable to attend for any reason, we can either apply the deposit to future lessons, camps, and/or day at the barns. If these options do not work, you will receive a full refund. Just contact us on how to proceed.

We put the health and safety of our barn family first and will move forward with summer camp in a safe, fun, and positive way. If you have any questions, you can contact us at ride@columbiahorsecenter.com

Thank you,

Columbia Horse Center

5/26/20 - Lesson Update

We are excited to announce that we are looking to start the group lessons back up on Monday, June 1st. We hope this message finds you eager to get back to riding and of curse healthy. At this time, your lesson will remain the same day and time unless you tell us otherwise. If you cannot participate back into the program at this time, please give us a call otherwise we will expect you t o be at you lesson next week.

There will be some Covid procedures to follow upon your arrival.

• We will have a table set up for you to check in at before coming to the barn office.
• Horses will then be brought out to you. No entering the barn.
• Masks will need to be work if you cannot socially distance.
• All riders need to wear gloves to ride.

We are happy to be getting back to lessons and the school horses cannot wait for their treats again. Hopefully, we will see you next week!

Columbia Horse Center

PS. Until further notice, there will be no Introductory Lesson.

5/20/20 - Lesson Update

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of reopening for lessons. We have started private lessons with our boarders and leasers. Will be beginning private lessons with our regular students next week, (5/25) and will hopefully be starting some of the group lessons the beginning of June. This is a slow process and we appreciate everyone's understanding. We are currently updating the group lessons so that we are following CDC guidelines and that we make it safe for everyone to return. For now, we are not excepting any new students until we can get all of our current students back into the program. Thank you again for all your support during this hard time. We hope everyone is staying safe and we will see you soon!!

5/9/20 - 2020 Summer Camp Update

These are unusual times and we are guessing you are wondering what our plan is for our summer camps. We understand the camps are an important resource for your family and want to assure you that as we navigate this unique and challenging time, the safety of our campers, families, and staff remains our highest priority. Considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus, it looks like we will have to cancel session 1 of Horsemanship and sessions 1 and 2 of Pony Pals. For now, the rest of the summer camp schedule will remain while we wait for guidance from the health Department, local government, and CDC. Our goal is to devise a plan so that we can continue to move forward with the remainder sessions of our summer camp while complying with all the state and federal guidelines to keep you children and our staff safe.

We have reopened registration for the remainder of summer camp (starting 6/29). If you are interested in having your child participate, please mail a deposit check with your registration to 10400 Gorman Rd, Laurel, MD, 20723. We will hold onto the checks until we can confirm that we can run camp. If you would rather pay with credit card, we could destroy the check and take the credit card info once we got the OK to resume. Just notate it on the registration form.

For those signed up for session 1 of Horsemanship or session 1 or 2 of Pony Pals, you will have 1st choice on any of the other sessions.

If you have made a camp deposit and are unable to attend for any reason, we can either apply the deposit to future lessons, camps, and/or day at the barns. If these options do not work, you will receive a full refund. Just contact us on how to proceed. Also, if things do change and we are told by the state that we cannot run camp, refunds will be given at no charge.

We put the health and safety or our barn family first and will only move forward with summer camp if we can do so in a safe, fun, and positive way. If you have any questions, you can contact us at ride@columbiahorsecenter.com.

Thank you all for your enormous support.
Columbia Horse Center

5/8/20 - Lesson Update

Governor Larry Hogan had a press conference on 5/7/20. He updated his Stay at Home Order to allow outdoor activities, which includes horseback riding. This is good news for the equestrian community who board horses or keep horses at their home. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow lesson facilities, like ourselves, to start our group lessons back up quite yet. We are still excited about the news since it means we are starting to move in a positive direction. The order does allow for our boarders/leasers to have an instructor in the ring as long as they follow social distancing guidelines. All of this means that we hopefully will not have much longer before we can see all our students again. As restrictions loosen, our plan is to slowly open things back up in a safe manner for our students, staff, and horses while following CDC, local government, and the Health Department guidelines.


Effective immediately, horseback riding activities, including riding on state lands, is allowed, however:
   - Equestrians must be riding with immediate family members or people with which they reside.
   - No more than 10 people may be included in a given party.
   - Social distancing guidelines must be followed.
   - No organized rides, gatherings, or races will be authorized.

We will continue to update everyone as things change. Hopefully, we will see everyone soon even if it's not quite how it used to be. Horses are great exercise for the body and soul. Take care and we will see you soon!

Columbia Horse Center

3/18/20 - COVID-19 Update

With the most recent updates, we are being asked to pause our lesson program. All lessons are canceled until further notice. This decision was not made lightly as we have been watching the recommendations from the CDC, local government, and health professionals.

You're probably wondering what this means for your lessons. We will be implementing a liberal make up policy in order for you to make up any lessons missed due to our closing and the COVID-19 as long as you stay a current paying student. We are going to ask you to consider the fact that we are a small business and your enrollment is our program is what helps us keep our doors open. Finally, we wouldn't be here without you. You have our word that no student will lose any money or lessons due to the virus. We appreciate your understanding in the matter. Your safety and well-being are important to us. We are looking forward to reopening as soon as we possibly can and hope to see everyone soon.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Thank you,
Columbia Horse Center

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