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10400 Gorman Road | Laurel | MD 20723

Mon - Fri • 9:00 - 9:00
Sat - Sun • 9:00 - 6:00 

A fun and relaxed place to learn how to ride horses.

Saturday, 8/31: Unfortunately, our phones are down. 
If you need to get a hold of us, you can email us at
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunday, 9/29: No Lessons. 
Good luck to all the competitors in our Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show!

Stop wishing, start doing!

Pony Pal | Children | Adult
Beginner - Advanced
Ages 5 - 95

Group | Semi-Private | Private
Daytime | Night | Weekend
Home School Sessions 


Professional and caring staff.
Well trained school horses.
Clean and organized facilities.
Conveniently located near
Routes 95, 29, and 32. 

Saturdays at 1:00

Want to try us out before signing up for lessons or camp?




Arrive by 12:45. Limited space.

No more then two per
family or group.
Minimum age of 5 to ride.

Receive $20 voucher toward lessons.

Come play with the ponies!

Summer | Winter | Spring
Day At the Barn


Open to ages 5-15.
All level of riders.


Ride two times a day.
Horse related lectures. 

Hours 9:00 - 4:00
Before & after care available.

Time to ride and socialize!

Want more riding time?
Want to go to more horse events?


For a quarterly fee,
you can join Equi-Lease!


Lots of time in the saddle and several social events to attend!

Limited and unlimited packages.

Join us for a fun day of showing!

Looking for fun and low-key shows to take your horse or rider to?

Our shows are inviting and a great atmosphere for competitors just starting out and veterans looking to school their horses.

Our experienced staff is helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Happy horse, happy rider.

Picking the right place to board your horse can be a tough.

Assuring their happiness and well being are important.

We understand that horses are our best friend, our pet, and our partner in crime. 

Their care means the world to us and it is our mission to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

• Experienced  & friendly staff
• Feed, hay, and water
• Stall cleaning
• 12 x 12 stalls
• Turn out

All boarders are required to take lessons.

Columbia Horse Center is proud to offer a unique opportunity that includes lots of unstructured riding, social events, trips, shows, clinics, and much more. Riding enthusiasts pay a quarterly fee that allows them to ride without instruction, participate in a monthly lesson, and have the option to attend many activities.



Do you want to ride more than once a week, go trail-riding, or ride without an Instructor? Would you like to go to horse events, but don’t have anyone to go with? Do you eventually want to own a horse, but aren’t ready to take that step, yet?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, than Equi-Lease is right for you!

The Equi-Lease Program is a great opportunity for people ages 12 and over who want more time being around horses; riding, socializing, and even showing! Members have the option of riding show quality horses or easy packers two times a week, or as many days as they would like. Equi-Lease also offers numerous social events, and a free monthly lesson for members to participate in. It works similar to a time share. Members pay a monthly fee and share the horses with other members and the lesson program. For a price much less then what it would be to own a horse, members simply come and ride, socialize, and have fun!

Equi-Lease at Columbia Horse Center

Equi-Lease is designed to allow our students to ride as often as they would like without an instructor telling them what to do. Members can practice what they've learned in their lesson, go on a trail with a friend, or just enjoy being on the back of a horse. They can also take advantage of the many activities planned such as Day at the Races, trail riding adventures, Medieval Times dinner, shopping at the Horse Expo, clinics, traveling on trips to Seven Springs Ski Resort and to Kentucky for the Rolex, and much more. The program offers so much for riders that want more then just that hourly riding lesson.

Equi-Lease at Columbia Horse Center

Equi-Lease at Columbia Horse Center

Membership Fees

• Unlimited - $967 for 3 months
(ride as many days as you like, with the option of 2 rides per day)
• Limited - $805 for 3 months
(ride 2 days a week, with the option of 2 rides per day)

Other Fees

$47.00 Evaluation Lesson (covering grooming, riding, and rules)
$89.00 Initiation Fee
$25.00 Guest Evaluation
$25.00 Guest Rides

*prices effective: March 1, 2011


• Ride on your own with no instruction!
• $5.00 Discount off CHC lessons and clinics.
• Horse usage fee waived for shows.
• Have a friend or family member ride.
• Numerous activities available to participate in.
• Wonderful variety of horses, click here.
• Meet new friends interested in horses.
• Ride on our many trails.
• 50% membership discount for family members.

Equi-Lease at Columbia Horse Center


• Most riders are required to take lessons at CHC to be eligible to join.
• Riders must be 12 years of age and older.
• Members must be able to groom & tack their horses. We can teach you this.
• Members can choose to ride our Equi-Lease horses as well as school horses.
• Riders must be able to walk, trot, and beginning the canter to be eligible.

Equi-Lease at Columbia Horse Center

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