Relocated to Woodland Horse Center

16301 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20905

The business of Columbia Horse Center, Inc has relocated to Woodland Horse Center.

Monday, September 7th: Barn Closed, No Lessons
In Celebration of Labor Day, thank you.

The business of Columbia Horse Center, Inc has relocated to Woodland Horse Center.

Stop wishing, start doing!

Pony Pal | Children | Adult
Beginner - Advanced
Ages 5 - 95 

Group | Semi-Private | Private
Daytime | Night | Weekend
Home School Sessions 


Professional and caring staff.
Well trained school horses.
Clean and organized facilities.
Conveniently located near
Routes 95, 29, and 32. 

Saturdays at 1:00

Want to try us out before signing up for lessons or camp?




Arrive by 12:45. Limited space.

No more then two per
family or group.
Minimum age of 5 to ride.

Receive $20 voucher toward lessons.

Come play with the ponies!

Summer | Winter | Spring
Day At the Barn


Open to ages 5-15.
All level of riders.


Ride two times a day.
Horse related lectures. 

Hours 9:00 - 4:00

Before & after care available.

Time to ride and socialize!

Want more riding time?
Want to go to more horse events?


For a quarterly fee,
you can join Equi-Lease!


Lots of time in the saddle and several social events to attend!


Limited and unlimited packages.

Join us for a fun day of showing!

Looking for fun and low-key shows to take your horse or rider to?

Our shows are inviting and a great atmosphere for competitors just starting out and veterans looking to school their horses.

Our experienced staff is helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Happy horse, happy rider.

Picking the right place to board your horse can be a tough.

Assuring their happiness and well being are important.

We understand that horses are our best friend, our pet, and our partner in crime. 

Their care means the world to us and it is our mission to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

• Experienced  & friendly staff
• Feed, hay, and water
• Stall cleaning
• 12 x 12 stalls
• Turn out

All boarders are required to take lessons.

Columbia Horse Center offers English riding lessons for kids and adults, ages 5 to 95. Our instructors have all been through our own In-House Instructor School, as well as have training from various other prestigious equestrian facilities. Lessons are separated by age and ability. Riders are placed into beginner, Intermediate, and advanced classes based on their age and goals. We also give private horseback riding lessons.



Until further notice: No Introductory Lesson
$20.00 per person
Every Saturday at 1 PM
Receive a $20 voucher toward lessons or camp

For horseback riding lessons at Columbia Horse Center in Columbia, Maryland.
No reservations. Limit 2 per family and/or group.

Interested in our camp program or riding lessons? Almost every Saturday, we offer our introductory lesson. This gives you an opportunity to see some of our horses, our facility as well as meet some of our staff before. Please wear pants & hard-soled shoes with a closed toe. A helmet will be provided. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian. For the safety and well-being of our horses, we do have a weight limit of 240 pounds.

• Limit of 2 riders per family or group.
• Minimum age is 5.
• For all levels of riders.
• Arrive no later then 12:45 to register. 

Come spend a fun-filled afternoon with us!

Introductory Lesson at Columbia Horse Center


Ages 5 to 7 years old. The lessons are more game oriented with lots of laughter while still teaching basic horsemanship skills. Parents are included in the lessons as they assist their child by leading the horse or pony to insure maximum safety until such time as the child is ready to manage the horse or pony by themselves. Our goal is to keep it safe, and fun while still educating the children about horseback riding. Groups consist of 4-7 riders. (As of 8/1/17)


• Weekly group lessons: $770.00 per 13 week quarter
• Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code

• 1 hour at the same time each week

Pony Pal Lessons at Columbia Horse Center


Group lessons are split by level of rider and range in age from 8 to 16. Rides are taught in a positive, creative and motivating environment that challenges them to achieve their goals all while having a great experience and maintaining a safe ride. Groups consist of 4-7 riders. (As of 8/1/17)


• Weekly group lessons: $770.00 per 13 week quarter 
• Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code

• 1 hour at the same time each week

Group Lessons at Columbia Horse Center


Adults are taught in a more relaxed environment with a sense of humor while focusing more emphasis on the mechanics. We understand that most adults are riding as a form of exercise and recreation and haven't been in a saddle in a long time, if at all. It's time to be a kid at heart. Groups consist of 4-7 riders. (As of 8/1/17)


• Weekly group lessons:  $770.00 per 13 week quarter 
• Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code 
• 1 hour at the same time each week

Adult Group Lessons


For those looking for one-on-one time with an instructor to focus on a specific topic or to get ready for a show, we do offer private lessons. These lessons can be used in addition to the regular group lessons or by themselves. Privates are a great idea if you have your own horse and are working on training or strength building exercises. They allow the instructor to concentrate on certain areas. Just remember, their focus will be you on just you for the entire 45 minutes. It's always a great workout! (As of 8/1/17)


• $125.00 1x lesson 
• $412.00 for 4 lesson package 
• Discount for weekday daytime private lessons.
• Discount for Columbia residents with Columbia zip code

• 45 minutes at the same time each week

Private Lessons at Columbia Horse Center


Semi-privates are a great idea when you want to work on something specific, but can't afford the privates. They are very common for riders with their own horses that are at a similar level or possibly a mother and daughter that want to ride together. Semi-privates can consist of 2 - 6 riders that decide to ride together, but is not open to other students. We do not arrange individuals to share in a semi-private. (As of 8/1/17)


• $96.00 per person 1x lesson
• $350.00 for 4 lesson package 
• Discount for weekday daytime semi-private lessons
• Discount for Columbia residents with a Columbia zip code
• One hour at the same time each week

Semi-Private Lessons at Columbia Horse Center


*Due to CDC guidelines, we are only doing the riding portion of the program. Instead of the 30 minute ground lecture, we will combine the riding portion with a short mounted lecture. We will also be offering a 10 week package.

Columbia Horse Center offers 8-week riding sessions for children that are taught at home. This is scheduled during the weekdays while school is in session. There is a 30 minute horse related lecture along with 60 minute riding lesson. The kids are placed in classes according to age and ability. Riders of all levels and ages 5-18 are welcome to join.



Home School Lessons at Columbia Horse Center


An ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet, pair of flat soled boots with a 1/4" to 1/2" heel, and fitted pants or jeans are required to start. Riding gloves, crop, and riding jodhpurs are also recommended during the 1st 13 weeks of lessons. It is also suggested to wear minimal jewelry. It can get caught in the tack and be broken by the horses.



Columbia Horse Center has a very liberal make-up policy. The group packages are 13 weeks and riders can make up any missed lessons throughout that time. The office must be notified by 3:00 PM on the same day during the week and 8:00 AM on the weekends. Riders will forfeit their lesson if the barn is not notified prior to the lesson. You can call us at 301-776-5850.



There are times that we have to cancel lessons due to holidays, events, and weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this may present. Students will not loose their lesson when we are closed. Simply call and schedule a make up lesson. We will make every effort to notify our students through flyers posted, class announcements, our website home page, Facebook, and Twitter.

The lesson program is perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy a trail ride from time to time; to a rider who is ready to compete in the show ring. Riders of all ages can achieve their goals with the reassurance that they are being taught by knowledgeable, caring instructors and on the best school horses in the area. Columbia Horse Center prides itself on the diversity, strength, and experience of our lesson program.

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