Columbia Horse Center

10400 Gorman Road | Laurel | MD 20723

Mon - Fri • 9:00 - 9:00
Sat - Sun • 9:00 - 6:00 

A fun and relaxed place to learn how to ride horses.

Monday, September 7th: Barn Closed, No Lessons
In Celebration of Labor Day, thank you.


Stop wishing, start doing!

Pony Pal | Children | Adult
Beginner - Advanced
Ages  5 - 95

Group | Semi-Private | Private
Daytime | Night | Weekend
Home School Sessions 


Professional and caring staff.
Well trained school horses.
Clean and organized facilities.
Conveniently located near
Routes 95, 29, and 32. 

Saturdays at 1:00

Want to try us out before signing up for lessons or camp?




Arrive by 12:45. Limited space.

No more then two per
family or group.
Minimum age of 5 to ride.

Receive $20 voucher toward lessons.

Come play with the ponies!

Summer | Winter | Spring
Day At the Barn


Open to ages 5-15.
All level of riders.


Ride two times a day.
Horse related lectures. 

Hours 9:00 - 4:00
Before & after care available.

Time to ride and socialize!

Want more riding time?
Want to go to more horse events?


For a quarterly fee,
you can join Equi-Lease!


Lots of time in the saddle and several social events to attend!


Limited and unlimited packages.

Join us for a fun day of showing!

Looking for fun and low-key shows to take your horse or rider to?

Our shows are inviting and a great atmosphere for competitors just starting out and veterans looking to school their horses.

Our experienced staff is helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Happy horse, happy rider.

Picking the right place to board your horse can be a tough.

Assuring their happiness and well being are important.

We understand that horses are our best friend, our pet, and our partner in crime. 

Their care means the world to us and it is our mission to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

• Experienced  & friendly staff
• Feed, hay, and water
• Stall cleaning
• 12 x 12 stalls
• Turn out

All boarders are required to take lessons.

Some of our favorite teachers are not only human, but equine. Our school horses are some of the best teachers in Maryland. Here at Columbia Horse Center, we pride ourselves on having safe, friendly, and well-trained horses. Each horse goes through a rigorous evaluation to ensure that they will be a positive addition to the program. It takes a certain temperament to be a school horse and ours are dearly loved by our students.


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