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A fun and relaxed place to learn how to ride horses.

Monday, September 7th: Barn Closed, No Lessons
In Celebration of Labor Day, thank you.


Stop wishing, start doing!

Pony Pal | Children | Adult

Beginner - Advanced
Ages 5 - 95 

Group | Semi-Private | Private
Daytime | Night | Weekend
Home School Sessions 


Professional and caring staff.
Well trained school horses.
Clean and organized facilities.
Conveniently located near
Routes 95, 29, and 32. 

Saturdays at 1:00

Want to try us out before signing up for lessons or camp?


Arrive by 12:45. 
Limited space.

No more then two per
family or group.
Minimum age of 5 to ride.

Receive $20.00 voucher toward lessons.

Come play with the ponies!

Summer | Winter | Spring
Day At the Barn


Open to ages 5-15.
All level of riders.


Ride two times a day.
Horse related lectures. 

Hours 9:00 - 4:00
Before & after care available.

Time to ride and socialize!

Want more riding time?
Want to go to more horse events?


For a quarterly fee,
you can join Equi-Lease!


Lots of time in the saddle and several social events to attend!


Limited and unlimited packages.

Join us for a fun day of showing!

Looking for fun and low-key shows to take your horse or rider to?

Our shows are inviting and a great atmosphere for competitors just starting out and veterans looking to school their horses.

Our experienced staff is helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Happy horse, happy rider.

Picking the right place to board your horse can be a tough.

Assuring their happiness and well being are important.

We understand that horses are our best friend, our pet, and our partner in crime. 

Their care means the world to us and it is our mission to provide the best service for you and your horse. 

• Experienced  & friendly staff
• Feed, hay, and water
• Stall cleaning
• 12 x 12 stalls
• Turn out

All boarders are required to take lessons.

Looking for opportunities to volunteer and work with horses? At Columbia Horse Center, we have a Working Student Program for students enrolled in our lesson program. By volunteering your time, you earn credit that can be used to pay for an additional lesson, reduce show fees, and/or pay for a practice ride depending on your level. It is a fun and educational opportunity that teaches about horsemanship and responsibilities of the horses daily care.


What is the Working Student Program?

The Working Student Program at Columbia Horse Center is designed to provide a fun and educational opportunity for our students to learn more about horsemanship. We also strive to teach our younger students about the importance of responsibility, in a simulation of a real-life work experience. For adults, it is a place to come and enjoy the company of other horse enthusiasts and feel like a kid again, while helping ensure that our lesson program runs smoothly.


What do Working Students Do?

Working students ensure that our lesson program runs efficiently with satisfied and happy students. Most of the time, they are the 1st person our students see when coming into the barn. Our working students always greet everyone with a smile and warm welcome. They will help newer students find their horse and assist bridling. If needed, they will help walk students to and from the ring and help adjust stirrups and tighten girths. Other specific duties will vary, depending on experience, age, and the needs of the barn during their shifts. Examples are sweeping the barn aisles, filling water buckets, cleaning stalls, loading and distributing hay, feeding, grooming and tacking horses for lessons, leading horses in lessons, picking up and cleaning the barn and surrounding areas, and cleaning tack. Some of our working students may also help with minor medical treatments, assist an instructor in the ring, and school newer horses. We also have several events throughout the year that require additional help. For those that can't work a consistent schedule, the events are a great way to still earn credit.


What are the benefits?

You are able to ride in another group lesson at your level in addition to your existing paid lesson. For every hour you work, you will receive one "working student buck" that can be put towards the 2nd lesson (9 bucks), a practice ride (7 bucks), and entry fees in clinics and shows (limits do apply). In addition to the extra riding time, you get to spend time with the horses, learning how to pull manes, trim whiskers, and overall learn how to care for them. You will have the opportunity to spend time with other horse lovers, talking about horses to your content. There are also many opportunities to go off premise and aide CHC in other environments. The working student program holds work ethic and responsibility in high regard and is a great way to begin a child's working career. Many of our paid staff were once working students. 



What are the requirements?

Students interested in joining the Working Student Program must be 12 years of age or older and have gone through 1 set of 13 group lessons or 2 sets of privates. You must be comfortable bridling almost all the horses in the barn. Training is "on the job" or through group training sessions organized by the working student coordinator, Jay. We also welcome adults to the program. Many of our adult students enjoy spending more time around the horses and in the barns helping.


How do I sign up?

You can stop by and leave your name, number and email address and place it on Felicity's name in the barn office. She is our Working Student Coordinator. You can also contact us at 301-776-5850.


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